Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are for the engine Supply and Fit Service offered by our Company.  After reading these Terms and Conditions you, the customer, will be required to sign your acceptance prior to work being started on your vehicle.  Please confirm with a staff member, if you have any queries or questions before signing.

        If a vehicle is collected by us and we find the engine/gearbox has been disassembled or is incomplete because someone else has previously dismantled it, we will reassemble the unit and the labour costs involved to make it a complete unit will be added to your final invoice as all exchange units must be complete and serviceable before our supplier will accept them.  If your exchange unit is found to have missing parts or is otherwise non-serviceable because of a hole in the block, you will be billed for the missing parts or the cost of a replacement exchange unit if we have to purchase one.

        Once your vehicle has been completed you will have three working days to collect your vehicle.  If you cannot collect your vehicle within this period, a storage charge of £20.00 per day may be charged from the completion date and added to the final invoice amount.  If a vehicle is not collected within one month of completion, the company reserves the right to dispose of the vehicle without prejudice to claim the compensation for both work carried out and storage charges.

        We will not be held liable for your original sensors or mechanical components becoming faulty during the changeover process.  If a sensor or component fails to work properly after being exchanged onto the new unit you will be called and notified of any extra cost and this will be added to the final invoice for the work performed.

        If a vehicle we collect has no fuel in it, we will need to put fuel into the vehicle so it can be started and tested after completion, you will be provided with a sales receipt for the amount of fuel we have had to add and the full amount will be added to the total invoice amount.

        If your vehicle has a coded radio, please make sure you know the code as this will be lost when the vehicle's battery is disconnected during the servicing of your vehicle.

        All engines are quoted as a bare engine assembly, this means they are the basic head, block, and sump.  All your ancillaries (including but not limited to: starter motor, alternator, manifolds, injectors, and sensors) will be changed over on to the replacement unit to complete the fitting process.  Certain items from the original unit may be found to be unusable when fitting to the new unit (hoses, timing belt, water pump, jubilee clips), if this is the case we will let you know as soon as a fault is found so you have the opportunity to authorize the repair.

        If a vehicle is given to us in a non-running state we are not responsible for any other problems the vehicle may have such as the gearbox, turbo, sensors or other items aside from the unit we are contracted to replace.

        If during the replacement process we find a fault with any of the other components of your vehicle we will notify you directly to inform you of any additional costs involved.

        All reconditioned engines supplied and fitted come with a 6-month unlimited mileage warranty.  Please see the separate terms and procedures covering this warranty.

        If any part of your vehicle fails due to basic wear and tear, for example, exhaust, bonnet release, wheel nuts, jubilee clips etc., we will contact you as soon as this is apparent and the cost of the repair will be added to the final invoice value in both parts and labor.

        If additional repairs are necessary for the vehicle to operate properly and you decline to have the additional work done, you will have the option of collecting your vehicle in its uncompleted state and paying for the work done up until that point.  If this is the case, then any warranty given with completed works is not valid.

        If we find we do not have a suitable replacement unit available from our extensive stock, we may, at our own discretion, remanufacture the customer's original unit, this will be treated as an exchange unit for the purpose of the warranty.

        The Company will not be held responsible for personal items left in the vehicle whilst in our care.  We urge all customers to remove all personal items from their vehicle before it is left with or collected by us.

        The time period quoted for the completion of the work on the vehicle is approximate and does not take into account any unforeseen delays.  While we endeavor to complete all vehicles in a timely manner no liability is accepted by the company for any such delays.

        Under no circumstances will the company be held reliable for loss of earnings, consequential losses or vehicle hire charges while the vehicle is in our care.

        Your statutory rights do not affected by these terms and conditions.