Engine Specialist| Engines & Gearboxes Reconditioning

We at Van Engines Centre deal with all types of gearboxes. The average manual of the gearbox, either 4-speed gearbox or 5-speed gearbox or even 6-speed gearbox. We are the no one gearbox reconditioned whatever the make and model of your vehicle.  We pay the same attention to detail with every van that comes through our state of the art workshop because we are gearboxes & Engine Specialist.

Whether petrol or diesel, manual or automatic we can do the best job for you in our fully equipped workshop?  Our vehicle technicians are fully trained gearbox rebuilders and are dedicated to making sure their work is completed to the highest standards possible. So, get the best deal on all type of gearboxes & engine in UK only at Van Engines. 

The process of reconditioning a gearbox can be very complex and would involve removing your gearbox completely.  Every component will be checked and any faulty component replaced.  Before we start work on your van engine, we try to find out what caused the problem in the first place and hopefully this makes our job easier to perform.  Once your gearbox has been fully checked, it will be refitted into your vehicle and fully tested before we contact you to let you know we have finished.

Engine & gearboxes Fitted!

        Our entire reconditioned gearbox carries a 6-month unlimited mileage warranty. We provide one of the best Engine Solutions at the highest satisfaction.

        Call now for a quote and a member of our customer service team and professional Engine Specialist will be able to help you.

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